Hi! I'm Alina.

I'm curious about unpredictable experiments, creative solutions and utopian futures. I believe in design with social responsibility and in its ability to put complex content across in an easily comprehensible way.

I’m studying design at University of Applied Sciences Munich. Currently i'm interning at Frog Design as an Experience Design Intern. Last year i spent six months at Blackspace Design Studio as a Spatial Design Intern. Since my first semester I supported photography and design departments of different companies. In private and professional projects, I strive to solve social problems with creative solutions.


It doesn‘t matter which situation you have to deal with or which task you have to accomplish. Everything becomes easier when smiling.

Even though it feels like you already know the answer, it‘s always valuable to take a step back and look for new paths. They will lead you to unpredictable outcomes.

Knowledge creates empathy
If you feel like you can‘t understand an issue or behavior, the reason might be the lack of knowledge on your side. Hence, you can‘t build enough empathy. Proper research is the foundation of every high-quality result and empathy is the basis for a desirable life together as a society.

Everybody has a responsibility for society
What makes life valuable are the people around us. I believe design helps to contribute thought out digital solutions to a world that has not yet found sustainable handling with digitalization and relating social changes.

Sustainability doesn‘t only includes environmental protection. It‘s also about sustainable systems and products that enrich people‘s lives for a long lapse of time or are capable of adapting to new circumstances.