How can digital services help us to build new habits & to focus on significant tasks?

A lot of small errands are buzzing around in our heads every day. Long-term goals and significant activities often get lost in the torrent.

Rhythm promotes reflection about the individual significance of a task. In the add modal, a selection dropdown menu offers the option to divide tasks into three categories: "important", "habit", and "not-to-do".

The motivation added when creating a task is displayed each time the task is called up. That keeps the motivation steady and increases the probability that the user completes the task.

Rhythm is a Progressive Web App. A PWA is a Website that works basically like a usual native App. It's possible to use it as a website online in your browser or offline on a tablet, mobile PC, or Mac. The components follow the atomic design principles.

This progressive web app has been created in the Webdesign II course by Amadeus Stadler. The concept development is based on a field study.