Do you hear yellow?

How can an AR app increase cultural participation?

The museum sector is in a state of transition. Not only since the pandemic. Most art galleries record fewer visitors. One reason is that potential visitors can get any information on the internet. Museums still have an essential role in the educational sector. Nevertheless, they have to reinvent themselves.

The AR experience on the forecourt provides a playful introduction to the exhibition. Visitors can linger on benches, adding songs they associate with the colorful shapes on their screens.

Inside the museum, an AR guide informs about the historical connection between art and music. It uses the example of the synaesthete Kandinsky.

The statue on the forecourt generates attention and connects the digital and physical world. After scanning the statue and opening the AR app, colorful shapes point the way to the exhibition's entrance.

The visitor spends time in a comfortable and relaxed place that is generally accessible. By reflecting on his impressions of the AR App's colors and shapes, he connects his life with historical knowledge. In this way, even less interested people participate in cultural heritage.

Collaboration with Lenbachhaus Gallery Munich.